Feeding Your Addiction Since 2004


KC Brand Kettle Corn has been in business since March of 2004. Since that time we have done hundreds of fundraisers and helped raise tens of thousands for local charities. How we do this is through two different types of fundraisers.

The first is a Team Fundraiser. This works best with large groups, especially teams, such as youth sports and youth groups. (Local to the South Eastern Washington area)

The second one is a Catalog Fundraiser. This works good with either groups or individuals.

Kettle Corn Rental: How it works

How it works is…you schedule a time with me and make sure you schedule the same time with your choice location.   I like the Albertsons on Clearwater or Maybe a Wal-Mart.  You may consider working in shifts. So, if you are selling between the hours of 9:30 and 4:30 set half the kids and parents for the first shift and the other half for the second shift.  But, you want as many people as possible some for bagging kettle corn and many for selling.  The more people you have the more chances you have to be successful.  This works best with 12 or more people at all times working and selling.

The cost is $350 plus cost of goods sold (COGS).  So, $350 is the upfront cost then your COGS is your variable cost.  Example if you sell $1500 worth of popcorn your cost will be about $594 ($350+$244 in COGS) Total profit $906.  This is a rough estimate because the COGS varies slightly with every group.  The nice thing is that we pop the corn and set up the tents and clean up the mess.  Your group just needs to bag the kettle corn and sell.

Fundraiser 1: Team fundraiser

All bags are $5. Presales are: the sales you make to family and friends prior to the day of the fundraiser. These orders are filled during the fundraiser and therefore the cost of goods is affected in the same way as every other bag sold that day. Presales are a good way to ensure profit at the fundraiser. If you make $350 in presales, you can cover the rental fee before you even show up and then you only need to worry about the COGS. We highly recommend it.

Fundraiser 2: Catalog Fundraiser

For this fundraiser, you just need to let us know that you are interested in doing it and we will email you a sales sheet. Using this sheet your group can sell all of our kettle corn flavors to friends, family, and neighbors. After your group has sold as many as it can, email us the form and we will make your order for you and deliver it to the pre-agreed upon location.

The cost to your group is per bag. There are no upfront fees for rental.

Limitations and Exclusions

  • Please note that this rental includes only one set up and one tear down of kettle corn stand and one person to pop kettle corn. There will be additional cost for all extra work that is created by the customer. For further information contact Jeramy at 509-947-3262
  • The $350 cost of rental applies to the Tri-Cities. There is an added fuel charge for any fundraisers outside of the local area.
  • Due to the fact that there is only so much that can be popped and bagged in one day presales are limited to 200 bags, more than that will require a second stand and a second person to work it, which will be added on at an extra expense.
  • Jeramy Schultz, KC Brand Kettle Corn, and/or any employee/agent of the company cannot in any way guarantee sales or success.
  • We (Jeramy Schultz, KC Brand Kettle Corn or agent thereof) do not recommend any particular sales method and are not responsible for your safety in regard to how you and your group sell our product.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 947-3262, at my email jeramy61@msn.com, or through the contact form at kcbrandkettlecorn.net.